Don’t take propeller planes

I really started my wrestling career in the Midwest territory. I had only wrestled about two or three matches at Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory during my training period. I had an opportunity to train at Al Snow’s school in Ohio and wrestle on a more consistent basis out in that territory. The Reckless Youth character […]

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Connecticut rings hurt

During my early upstart days, the power of the internet worked in my favor more times than not. I got started working shows just after the famed Malenko/Guerrero series in ECW. I was a huge fan of the more technical wrestlers for some time while training and the Malenko style really appealed to me. In

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The Death of Friendships

I really enjoy sharing some of my stories of experiences I’ve had over the years in professional wrestling. I think that many of them are quite entertaining and hope that those interested can get a good laugh. Unfortunately, every story doesn’t always have a fairy tale happy ending. This will be the case with the

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