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Chronicles of an Independent Wrestler

All articles have been copied from Reckless Youth’s Weblog with permission.

Heroes in the Business
I would say that the largest majority of people in the wrestling business were inspired by another wrestler creating a strong enough interest for them to eventually become involved in professional wrestling in some capacity. Those that are in the business have probably been positively influenced as well...
My Trainers
I think I’ve been fortunate over my handful of professional wrestling years to be trained by some great people. Because it’s painfully evident that most of the miscreants have little or no training anyone, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight some of the men that shaped much of what I became...
The Music Contest
Over my few years in the Professional Wrestling circuit, I was witness to many odd things performers did to entertain themselves. In many cases, it would be manifested in harmful or harmless practical jokes played on those in or around the business. In other cases, it may have been in a more destructive...
Earning Respect
I had always been under the impression that the key to the respect of a person was not through actions to impress that person. This meant that I would not go out of my way to emphasize myself or cater my actions to their desires in an effort to attract their attention. This typically led to me often...
You've got nice boots
My wrestling training days began about 2 years before I ever actually was officially trained. My backyard friends and I stumbled across Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory in Clemmonton, New Jersey. Desperate to wrestling in a “real” ring rather than on the hard ground, our group would rent Larry Sharpe’s...
I hope no one heard that
Have you ever woken in the middle of the night to the sheer pain of a muscle spasm? This typically happens at that point in the late night when you are enjoying thee most euphoric dream you have ever had in your life. Suddenly, you have fallen off the bed clutching your hamstring or you are hobbling...
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