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Chronicles of an Independent Wrestler

All articles have been copied from Reckless Youth’s Weblog with permission.

Sacrifices made
I’ve often compared independent professional wrestlers to starving artists. Not because any of us can paint but because we share that common bond of not having a penny to our name until we make it big. Fortunately, there are those of us that are lucky enough to have a “regular” job to somewhat support...
Beating Up on Women
I was deeply saddened to recently hear that the Fabulous Moolah passed away. She made great contributions over her storied years to not only the sport of women’s wrestling but to professional wrestling in general. She was well respected by her peers and served as a mentor to many people in the sport...
All the prostitutes in uniontown
Norm Conners was a notorious manager and promoter in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania independent wrestling scene for more years than most can remember. I’m sure Norm could bore us all with exact numbers but this is more about a booking that came from the famed Steel City Wrestling (SCW) days when the promotion...
The day the business died
There are many that talk about “the day the business died” in all sorts of terms over the last several years. Some say it died when WCW was closed and the major competition in the industry ended. Others have suggested the collapse began when the focus shifted from realism to entertainment. I have been...
Don't take propeller planes
I really started my wrestling career in the Midwest territory. I had only wrestled about two or three matches at Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory during my training period. I had an opportunity to train at Al Snow’s school in Ohio and wrestle on a more consistent basis out in that territory. The Reckless...
Connecticut rings hurt
During my early upstart days, the power of the internet worked in my favor more times than not. I got started working shows just after the famed Malenko/Guerrero series in ECW. I was a huge fan of the more technical wrestlers for some time while training and the Malenko style really appealed to me. In...